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On March 9th SkyVenture Montréal will host a tunnel huck jam for women. Chicks ONLY. The fun begins at 7pm.  In collaboration with the Chicks Boogie and the Academy, the goal of the Chicks Huck Jam is to bring together the community of women skydivers and tunnel flyers and to create connections to promote the sport.


Organizers: Genny Guérin, Karine Provost, Marie-Ève Dallaire, Valérie Poulin, Amanda Hoff and Olga Kuznetsova
  • When?  March 9, 2012 at 7pm
  • Where?  SkyVenture Montréal
  • Who?  Women skydivers and tunnel flyers of all levels and all disciplines
  • How much?  $110 (taxes included)
  • What is included? Registration fees cover 5-20 minutes of tunnel time depending on the discipline, a healthy mini-buffet to get energized for a crazy evening & a souvenir T-shirt. 
  • What to bring? Your gear (if you have any), makeup and an evening wear. After the Jam, we’ll go across the street to Balthazar.


The program:
  • 7 pm:  Arrival and healthy mini-buffet
  • 8 pm:  Explanation of the evening’s activities
  • 8:15 pm:  Tunnel time briefing
  • 9 pm:  Flights begin
  • 12 am or later: Balthazar

First Time Flyers


Description: You have yet to fly in the tunnel? No problem.  This event is the ideal opportunity to begin flying.  You will receive instructions from one of SkyVenture Montreal’s delicious instructors and will subsequently fly a total of 5 minutes in the tunnel.

Belly Flyers 3-on-1 FS 4Way

Description: Whether you are a beginner or have FS 4Way experience, you can sign up for this event.  For the evening’s activities, you will join 2 other equally-experienced flyers and a coach. You will fly for two sessions for a total of 15 minutes. Briefing and de-briefing are included.

Belly Flyers FS 4Way - Sign up as a team

Description: You already have a team organised? Sign your team up. You will do a total of 20 minutes of 4Way flying. You will have the freedom to plan your flight sessions.  Coaches will be on hand to assist you and to give you pointers if you wish. You will have help to plan your Dive Pool and to practice creeping before your flight.

Free Flyers

Description: Free flyers, Let’s Huck! The formula for this evening is the «Huck Jam». We guarantee you will fly a minimum of 10 minutes. Going from low speed to high speed, the goal is to have as many women flying in the tunnel at the same time and to fly until you can no longer feel your arms. Genny Guérin and Karine Provost will organize the Huck Jam.


Additionally, there will be tunnel organizing on March 10th by Genny Guérin, Karine Provost, Marie-Ève Dallaire, Valérie Poulin, Amanda Hoff and Olga Kuznetsova. Book your spot by calling the customer service staff at 514-524-4000.

*No refunds.
**Fees are $110 and cover the Chicks Huck Jam registration fees and tunnel time and cannot be used at a later date.

For more information about the event, please call the customer service staff at SkyVenture Montréal at 514-524-4000 or send an email to huckjam @


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