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SkyVenture Montréal enables the skydiving community to train 365 days a year, whatever the weather.
Our facility has been designed to satisfy the varied needs of skydivers. At SkyVenture® Montréal, you will find:

  • A recirculating indoor free-fall simulator, with a 14-foot diameter cylindrical flight chamber
  • A practice, warm-up and creeping room
  • Three briefing rooms (with video equipment) 
  • A kitchenette
  • A locker room
  • Storage cubbies and lockers


Take a virtual tour of SkyVenture Montréal! Look around inside and explore our facilities just as if you were actually there.


We also have a team of experienced certified instructors and qualified coaches from the International Academy of Indoor Skydiving, who are available for personalized training. Furthermore, each season, we offer skills camps, as well as relative-work(RW), free-fly and 4-RW training camps to perfect your skills. For details about the camps and for more information about the coaching program, see The Academy section.

For Skydiver rates, please download this PDF document. (Prices subject to change without notice)

  • The cancellation delay for time slots reserved by skydivers and tunnel flyers is 48 hours. If this deadline is not met, the time will be considered as used and cannot be rescheduled for a later date.
  • A skydiver who has never flown at SkyVenture Montréal and who wishes to use prepaid flight time must first complete the basic training offered with the Introductory Package. This rule does not apply to skydivers who have logged sufficient hours at other wind tunnels of the SkyVenture® type and can demonstrate this via their IBA account (
  • Purchased flight time is continuous (recycle), meaning that there are no stops between groups flying in the same session.
  • Purchased flight time is not transferable.
  • Please note that, to be eligible for Skydiver rates, you must be a member in good standing of the CSPA (or your country’s equivalent). You must present your valid license when you tunnel fly for the first time.
  • The account owner must be present in the Flight Chamber at all times in order to share his time. Time can be shared with intermediate flyers and skydivers, as long as they are members in good standing of the CSPA (or their country’s equivalent). To share flight time with someone who has never flown in a wind tunnel before, the individual must first complete an Introductory Package.
  • Individuals or teams requiring spacing can only book 10-minute blocks during which you will be guaranteed 1 minute of spacing between each of your rotations.



Whether you are flying solo, with a group, with family or friends, come defy the law of gravity! Click below to view our packages.


To book your flight or for all inquiries, please call and we will be happy to assist you!

Call: 514-524-4000


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