Under general direction of the Instructor Team Leader & Trainers this position is responsible for building relationships with customers to ensure their safety within the flight chamber and guide them in their progression of body flight. This role is required to have a thorough understanding of services offered and customer needs; identify opportunities to promote SkyVenture Montreal’s experience and product in order to maximize revenue. We pride ourselves on delivering a superior customer experience and hope to turn each first time flyer into a repeat customer.


  • Previous sales and customer service experience
  • Attention to detail
  • Makes safety a number one priority
  • Self-motivated and takes responsibility for personal and organizational results
  • Standard First Aid and CPR preferred but not required
  • Candidates must successfully complete the Flight Instruction Training Program designed by the IBA


Job is performed in a dry, hot and sometimes humid indoor environment with high levels of noise which require the use of ear plugs. SkyVenture Montreal operates 7 days a week and employees are required to work holidays, early mornings, late evenings, weekend shifts and overnight shifts. Some over-time and split shifts may be required.

An instructor’s job is physically demanding and all instructors must be in excellent physical shape, flexible and in good health with no previous injuries that would affect performance or endurance in the flight chamber. Instructors are required to pass a physical fitness test prior to hiring which includes the following:

  • Run a minimum of 3.2 km in 24 mins
  • Perform 35 squats
  • Perform 35 push-ups
  • Perform 30 sit-ups
  • Flexibility test

Make sure that you are able to do all these tests before sending in your application.

SkyVenture Montreal reserves the right to verify your medical history to ensure there are no physical restrictions in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of this position.

How to apply

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Employment with SkyVenture Montreal
References SkyVenture Montreal requires references from past employers, teachers, tutors, colleagues and personal or professional contacts. We will verify at least three but please supply a minimum of five. All references will be contacted by telephone and/or E-mail and are an important part of our selection process.
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