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What is the difference between an instructor and a coach?

Whether you have coaching or not, an instructor will always be in the flight chamber. The main role of the instructor is to ensure the safety of the person who is flying, whereas a coach will help you grow and develop your flight skills. Furthermore, it is important to note that an instructor, who is responsible for several people in a group, is limited with the time that he can spend with you, before, during and after your flight. Unlike the coach, who has time to prepare your flight session with you, brief you, coach you between rotations in the flight chamber and review your session in one of the debriefing rooms.

I need spacing. How are the flight sessions divided?

If you are an individual or part of a team who needs spacing, it is possible to reserve a 10-minute block per session only ( a session lasts 30 minutes). You are otherwise entitled to 1 minute of spacing between each of your rotations. If you book more than 10 minutes per session, you will need to ensure that there are enough people in your group to provide spacing between each other.

How many rotations can I perform per session and how long does a session last?

The number of rotations that you can do per session depend on the length of the session and the length of the rotations. You can decide the length of your rotations (either 1 min, 1 min 20 sec, 2 min, etc.), but the instructor who is responsible for your flight session can modify the duration that you have chosen, if necessary. For example, if you reserve a 10 minute session and you chose to do 2-minute rotations, you can do a total of 5 rotations!

Is it possible to take a camera into the flight chamber to take photos and/or videos?

For security reasons, tunnel flyers are not permitted to take a camera into the flight chamber, even if it is a GoPro with a suitable attachment. However, it is possible to get our high-quality photos and video from our tunnel cameras so you can share with friends and family!

If I cancel my reservation, do I lose the time that I have reserved?

There is a 48-hour cancellation policy for certified tunnel flyers and skydivers. If this policy is not respected, the time will be considered used and can not be postponed to another day.

If I reserve coaching, can I chose my coach?

All the trainers at Bodyflight Academy are on site at SkyVenture Montreal based on a pre-determined fixed schedule, it is therefore not possible to chose your coach when you make your reservation. However, if you want to train with a particular person, you can contact Customer Service and we can let you know his schedule so you can reserve your sessions based on his availability.

Is it necessary to make a reservation?

It is possible to come fly without a reservation however, since our time slots are often full several weeks in advance, a reservation is highly recommended.

Is it possible to rent flight equipment?

It is possible to rent suits with weights and flight suits.

When am I entitled to preferred rates for certified tunnel flyers/skydivers?

Two types of customers are entitled to preferred rates: skydivers who are members in good standing of CSPA and certified tunnel flyers who have completed the WTTP (level 2).

Can I share my tunnel time?

Time can be shared with intermediate tunnel flyers and skydivers, as long as they are members in good standing of CSPA (or their country’s equivalent). In order to share tunnel time with a person who has never flown in the wind tunnel, that person must first complete an initiation package.

Are there special events organized for certified tunnel flyers and skydivers at SkyVenture Montreal?

Several events for skydivers and certified tunnel flyers are organized every year at SkyVenture Montreal. Please visit the Events section for more information!

What is standby time and when does it go on sale?

Booking standby time is a way to save when buying tunnel time. Once a year (the date is indicated in advance on our website, social networks and at the wind tunnel) we sell a bank of 50 hours on a first-come, first-serve basis. The cost for an hour is $665 + taxes, a discount of $200 off the regular price of $865. Certain conditions apply Purchase Conditions
  • Time is sold in blocks of 60 minutes
  • There is a total limit of 120 minutes per buyer
  • There is no expiry date
  • The time is non refundable
Reservation Conditions
  • Available from Tuesday to Friday during the hours of operation.
  • Standby time reservations can be made over the phone, the same day only.
  • Standby time can not be replaced by a pre-existing appointment and can only be booked in available time slots.
  • For more information about standby time, contact us.

Can I bring my lunch?

Yes! The facilities that are accessible to certified tunnel flyers and skydivers include a kitchen area with a fridge.

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