Fly without restrictions! 230+ package

A specialized program to allow people who exceed 230 lbs (104 kgs) to enjoy the thrill of the indoor skydiving experience in a safe and well supervised environment.

Enjoy an extraordinary experience!

When taking part in indoor skydiving for the first time (as in all sports that require a minimum of balance) control and mastering body movement does not always come naturally. Before the launch of the 230+ package, it was not possible for people whose weight exceeded 230 lbs (104 kgs) to fly at SkyVenture Montreal.

Because we made it our mission to make indoor skydiving accessible to everyone, the Bodyflight Academy put a special program in place to allow all our customers to enjoy the indoor skydiving experience in a supervised environment where quality and safety is a priority.

Starting at$18265Reg. price 240 62$

This package includes

  • The observation period
  • Adapted training with a private trainer
  • Question period
  • The necessary equipment
  • Supervision in the flight chamber with a qualified instructor
  • 4 flights of 120 seconds, the equivalent of the free fall portion of 10 parachute jumps.
  • A session review with your trainer

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