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SkyVenture Montreal has created an ideal environment where the military can train with their own equipment, recreating the unique reality of military paratroopers.

We train the elite canadian armed forces

SkyVenture Montreal offers an environment that allows military personnel to perform free fall simulations with specialized equipment, recreating the unique reality of military paratroopers. Our facilities were designed to meet the diverse needs of the military corps skydivers. At SkyVenture Montréal, you will find:

  • A recirculating tunnel with a circulating chamber that is 14 feet in diameter
  • A practice room for warm-ups and creeping
  • Three video viewing rooms
  • A kitchen
  • A cloakroom

Our team of certified instructors and qualified trainers are available for personal training sessions to respond to specific needs of different departments of National Defense.

For more information, please contact Mélanie L-Guérin at (514) 524-4000, ext. 201, or by email at: melanie@skyventuremontreal.com.

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