An unforgettable activity

No experience is necessary to fly and almost anyone can do it; all you need is the desire to defy the law of gravity! A one of a kind activity to enjoy from the age of four with family or friends!

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2 flights Per person
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An introduction to indoor skydiving

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The absolute

4 flights Per person
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A fulfilling experience

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The ultimate

10 flights Per person
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For the ultimate indoor skydiving experience

Want a party that's
out-of-this world?

Come defy the law of gravity!

Offer your kids a day that’s completely out-of-this-world and organize their birthday party at SkyVenture Montreal! They will enjoy the same sensation as a skydiver does when they are freefalling, but they will be in a safe, controlled and entertaining environment. Reserve your party in our glass-walled room which looks out onto the flight chamber so you won’t miss any of the instructors flying demos!

Our rooms

Our various rooms will meet all your needs!

Observation Deck

Space surrounding the flying chamber

150 pers.

Conference room

Equipped with a complete audiovisual system

40 pers.

Party Room

Glass doors and a clear view of the flight chamber

25 pers.
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bodyflight academy

Did you know...

  • It is possible to fly as early as 4 years old!
  • Since our opening in 2009, many schools and day camps have flown with us, either in a recreational capacity or a specific course.
  • You can accompany a group of children for a birthday party or other occasion without partaking in the flying portion of the activity. Also, everyone can celebrate even if only the birthday person flies!
  • When you rent a multi-purpose room, you can use your own caterer and decorate the room with your own decorations to your own taste.
  • The multi-purpose room looks onto the flight chamber which makes it an ideal spot for a party.
  • Many youth under 16 years old continue to progress after their initiation package to become certified tunnel flyers (to find out more, visit the Bodyflight Academy section)
  • In addition to having a children’s birthday party at SkyVenture Montréal, you can also organize a stag, a stagette, a marriage proposal, a family reunion or any festive occasion!

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