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Now you can discover our initiation packages for Indoor Skydiving and live the experience of your first simulated freefall parachute jump at the SkyVenture Montréal wind tunnel. It is a safe, unforgettable experience which can be enjoyed with family, friends or colleagues!

Indoor skydiving is accessible to everyone, from as early as 4 years old. It's an extraordinary experience that requires no experience.

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2 flights Per person
Starting at $68

An introduction to indoor skydiving

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The absolute

4 flights Per person
Promo $9393 Reg. Price $118
Starting at $94

A fulfilling experience

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The ultimate

10 flights Per person
Promo $18265 Reg. Price $27018
Starting at $183

For the ultimate indoor skydiving experience

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230+ package

Fly without any weight restriction!

In order to maintain the high safety standards, Bodyflight Academy has created a specialized program to allow people who exceed 230 lbs (104 kgs) to enjoy the thrill of the indoor skydiving experience in a safe and well supervised environment.

Fly Freely with my Disability!

Since our opening, hundreds of people with physical and mental disabilities have defied the law of gravity. Do you want to take your turn flying with us?

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Introductory PackageFrom$68


Fly as young as 4 years old!

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