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The SkyVenture Montreal Experience

Are you looking for an indoor activity near Montreal, an original experience with great thrills that you can enjoy with friends or family? Look no further! Flying at SkyVenture Montreal, gives you a taste of the thrills that skydivers enjoy during the free-fall portion of their skydiving jump. All this in a completely safe, supervised environment!

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Choose your initiation package


2 flights Per person
Starting at $68

An introduction to indoor skydiving

Fan Favourite
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The absolute

4 flights Per person
Promo $9393 Reg. Price $118
Starting at $94

A fulfilling experience

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The ultimate

10 flights Per person
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Starting at $183

For the ultimate indoor skydiving experience

230+ package

Fly without any weight restriction!

In order to maintain the high safety standards, Bodyflight Academy has created a specialized program to allow people who exceed 230 lbs (104 kgs) to enjoy the thrill of the indoor skydiving experience in a safe and well supervised environment.

Fly Freely with my Disability!

Since our opening, hundreds of people with physical and mental disabilities have defied the law of gravity. Do you want to take your turn flying with us?

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Group Events

Want to impress your party with a one-of-a-kind experience? SkyVenture Montréal can help plan the perfect event for any occasion!

Kids' birthday parties

Team building

Our rooms

Our various rooms will meet all your needs!

Observation Deck

Space surrounding the flying chamber

150 pers.

Conference room

Equipped with a complete audiovisual system

40 pers.

Party Room

Glass doors and a clear view of the flight chamber

25 pers.
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Bodyflight academy

Our instructors

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How it works


Above the Flight Chamber, the diffuser allows the air molecules to decompress before re-entering the Motors. This decompression subtly slows the airflow, reducing the buoyancy of the flyer. As it reaches the top, the air flows through the Motors again. Only instructors, skydivers and advanced tunnel flyers are qualified to fly to the top of the Diffuser, 45 feet above the cable floor.

Staging area

Comparable to an aircraft cabin, the Staging Area can seat up to 12 people comfortably as they wait their turn to fly.

Flight chamber

Circular and 14 feet in diameter, the Flight Chamber is enclosed by glass panels and has a trampoline-like floor made of stainless-steel aircraft cables.

Inlet contractor

The airflow enters the inlet contractor, a bell-shaped section which, as its diameter narrows, compresses the air through a venturi effect, increasing the wind velocity from about 50 km/h to 300 km/h (from 30 mph to 180 mph), which is more than enough for human flight.


The airflow enters the plenum,a large underground room in the centre of the building, which provides storage for billions of air molecules. 


Large doors in the return air towers open outward, controlling the flow of fresh air into the tunnel, thereby regulating the temperature in the flight chamber.

Return air towers

The air flows through the return air towers, slows, and enters the plenum.

Turning vanes

Shaped like curved aircraft wings, the turning vanes direct and rotate the airflow 90 degrees, without introducing turbulence.


Four 350-horsepower motors recirculate wind at speeds of up to 300 km/h (180mph), enough for skydivers and advanced tunnel flyers to execute the most complex manoeuvres.

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