Who Will Represent Canada at the Next World Indoor Skydiving Championship? / February 18, 2017

February 18, 2017

We’re looking for the best Canadian bodyflight athletes to represent our country at the next World Indoor Skydiving Championship, which is held at SkyVenture Montreal, on October 18-23, 2017 (more info on WISC 2017)!

Since we have so many outstanding athletes who could make it, we’re hosting a qualifying event on February 18, 2017.


4-way FS - Open, Female, Junior | $260.00
4-way VFS - Open | $260.00
Dynamic 2-way  - Open, Junior | $137.50
Dynamic 4-way - Open, Junior | $275.00
Freestyle - Open, Junior | $115.00

*Prices per team, all taxes included


This competition is open to teams who are invited or whose registration has been accepted by the organizing committee (choice is made based on past competition experience in an Open category, point average and skill level).

Register here! Deadline: January 28, 2017.

Once you register, we'll contact you via email within a week to analyze and confirm your registration and payment will be collected 3 weeks prior to the event.


4-way FS - 8 rounds | Rules
4-way VFS - 8 rounds | Rules
2-way Dynamic - Speed & free routine rounds | Rules
4-way Dynamic - Speed & free routine rounds | Rules
Freestyle - 4 rounds (3 free & compulsory #1*): F - C#1 - F - F | Rules

* Compulsory #1 : 360 Barrel Roll Stall, Head-Up 360 Breaker & Tucked Double Back Loops


InTime and Dynamr scoring systems will be used by FAI and CSPA certified judges during the event. To know the specific rules regarding your discipline(s), please refer to the FAI official rules (links above).


Only one team will be allowed to represent Canada at WISC 2017 in 4-way FS (Open, Female and Junior) and 4-way VFS (Open). The participation of two Canadian teams will be permitted in all remaining artistic events (Dynamic 4-way, Dynamic 2-way & Freestyle – Open and Junior).

For more information and questions please send an email to Catherine Carignan-Levasseur (

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